As the CEO of your company, it’s important to understand your role in IT and how to leverage technology for your business while reducing the risk of any downtime. Many CEOs are unsure of what their role in IT should be, and often rely on their IT department to handle all technology-related issues.  

However, as the head of your company, you should be more involved in IT and understand how to use technology to help your business grow. When it comes to IT, there are a few key areas that you as CEO should focus on to maximize technology for your business. 


As CEO, you are responsible for ensuring that your company’s data is secure. You should work with your IT team to develop security protocols and make sure that all employee data is protected. 

Employee information and other sensitive company data is at risk without the security and trust of a proactive IT department.  

Data Management 

It’s important for CEOs to understand how their company’s data is being managed. You should have a clear understanding of your company’s data storage and backup procedures. These backups need to be tested regularly to ensure they worked and can provide a full system restore if need be. 

Additionally, you should work with your IT team to develop policies for data access and security. You are the last stop when it comes to management of your company and should be well informed of how your data is managed. 

Technology Strategy  

As CEO, you should be involved in developing your company’s technology strategy. You need to share your vision for the company and work with your MSP or IT department to ensure IT supports future business goals.  

Work with your IT team to identify the technologies that will help your business grow and make sure that your IT infrastructure is able to support these technologies.  

There may be applications or programs that best suit your business and knowing which will help you succeed is vital. As a CEO your job is to give the final decision on what applications you would deploy in your network. 

Business Goals 

Additionally, you should ensure that your IT team is aligned with your business goals and objectives.  IT should be seen as a business enabler, and not as a cost center.  Your IT team should be working to help your company achieve its goals, not just keeping the lights on. Verifying that your IT functions as an arm of your business will not only grow your company but secure your data. 

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Development of an IT roadmap will ensure that technology is aligned with your business. Don’t know what a roadmap is? Give TAG Solutions a call for a demonstration. 

By being more involved in IT, you can leverage technology to help your business grow. IT is a critical part of any company, and as CEO, you should be involved in all aspects of IT. By following the tips above, you can maximize technology for your business.  

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