The healthcare industry is constantly evolving. As new treatments are discovered and as new technologies are developed, the industry as a whole – from independent physicians to statewide hospital networks – must change in order to keep up.

This evolution is not limited to healthcare, but to the technological systems keeping these practices online and able to help the people. As telemedicine becomes more prevalent, a network that operates flawlessly – no matter the type of practice – becomes a necessity. Additionally, as HIPAA regulations change, healthcare providers must, by law, perform a number of risk assessments on their networks in order to ensure security of information. Healthcare practices cannot risk a network interruption or a malware attack that could knock them offline.

TAG Solutions has worked a number of healthcare clients – from specialized clinics to large hospital networks – and understands how the industry works at each level. This understanding has allowed us to tailor our IT, cybersecurity, and unified communications services to the industry, and to provide best practice services that allow for patients to be seen and work to be done without an interruption to service or a network.

Often, a healthcare practice will gain or lose patients based on the ease of initial contact, which frequently happens via telephone. At TAG Solutions, our contact call center experts work with our clients in the healthcare field to provide a seamless patient experience and ensure that all communication needs are met without issue.

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