The financial sector is highly regulated, due to its broad influence on the nation’s economy and the financial health of the American people. Financial institutions must ensure that their networks are secure and stable, and they must have policies and procedures in place for how IT should be used and deployed. TAG Solutions works with financial institutions of all sizes, from local credit union to nationally known banks, to help them address their network, security, and compliance needs.

Over time, the financial industry has become increasingly more automated and reliant on computers and the Internet, especially as more and more consumers prefer online banking. As a result, there’s a lot more personal data at risk of exposure than ever before, and security measures must be constantly evolving to keep this data safe.

At TAG Solutions, our cybersecurity practice works with our customers in the financial sector to ensure that their networks and data are safe and secure. We regularly conduct vulnerability assessments to determine weaknesses in our clients’ technical environments and ways to best address them. Our annual penetration testing looks for gaps in security regimens, so that they can be corrected before they become a problem. And we conduct education and training to make sure that all employees from C-Level to new hires at all the financial institutions we work with understand what’s at stake and how to keep data safe. TAG Solutions understands that in the financial industry, reputation is everything – a single data breach could equal millions of dollars in financial losses and an immeasurable hit to a financial institution’s reputation.

Financial institutions typically have more than one location, which means seamless communication between those branches is vital. TAG Solutions works with these institutions to provide Unified Communications solutions – ensuring that messaging, conferencing, phone lines (via VoIP) and a host of additional options work together perfectly. This makes for a smooth client-facing experience, as many institutions can expect that their lines of communication will remain open and functional. Additionally, TAG Solutions is the only company in the area with knowledge of Contact Center technology, which is vital to the financial industry.

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