It can be a trial to work alongside state and federal government entities, especially in regard to navigating the many bureaucratic restrictions and regulations. Despite these challenges, TAG Solutions has found ways to support these government agencies.

At TAG Solutions, we employ a team of dedicated support professionals that have been working to assist government agencies for years. The IT directors of these state and federal agencies count on us to support them not only for day-to-day issues in a help desk capacity, but to assist in implementing new equipment in lines of service.

Our unified communications systems have been integrated in some of the largest agencies in the region. Our staff supports these government entities through system updates and frequently advises on best practice communication avenues – internally with other state and federal employees, and externally with outside constituents.

Many state agencies require that partner agencies meet certain criteria regarding minorities and women in business in order do business together; TAG Solutions is proud to meet those requirements with the help of our own subsidiaries.

Additionally, TAG Solutions realizes that there are a number of budgetary concerns within state and federal government agencies. Our vendor relations ensure that we are able negotiate fair prices for the right products, which keeps everyone in the supply chain happy.

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