TAG Solutions is thrilled to work with businesses of all size, but has found a tremendous amount of success with small and medium businesses, which make up the bulk of the US economy. Nearly 80% of America’s gross domestic product comes from these smaller companies! We are passionate about helping these small and medium businesses succeed; at its core, TAG Solutions is considered a smaller business, and as a small business, we are committed to helping our community succeed.

What we’ve noticed is that many smaller businesses may be challenged by limited resources and budgets, and may not be able to keep up with technological shifts that will keep their businesses running smoothly into the future. This may mean that there isn’t enough room in the budget (or the floor plan!) for the type or amount of IT that may be needed to actively support the business.

TAG Solutions offers a Virtual Chief Information Officer service to these businesses, which allows us to provide help at the instance that it is needed or requested. We are able to sit down with our small business clients and provide assessments of their entire network, road maps for where their technology needs to be, and specific budgets that align with that technology to ensure that there are no financial surprises.

It doesn’t always make financial sense for smaller businesses to employ an IT staff that supports their entire team. TAG Solutions is happy to provide our clients with a 24/7 help desk for questions or support with various technological issues. Our goal is always to support our clients and to ensure that their networks are operating without issue or interruption. With this in mind, we also offer a number of proactive services that aim to monitor our clients’ networks and get ahead of any issues, ensuring that any downtime or interruption of work is rare.

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