5 Core Values

TAG Solutions is a technology success provider that is obsessed with the success of our customers. Customer obsession does not occur accidentally. There must be an organizational culture, built with purpose and intent, that embodies the abstract concept of customer obsession. A foundational element to a functional and thriving culture is a defined list of core values that bring definition and clarity to the overarching vision of customer obsession. TAG Solutions has five (5) core values that our business and employees strive to understand and embody.

#1: Customer Obsession is Our Passion

At TAG Solutions, we care deeply about our customers and the work we do for them. We want nothing more than to understand the world from the perspective of a customer and do everything in our power to help them succeed. We show up to work every day energized with the opportunity to help someone. There is nothing more exhilarating than knowing that we were instrumental in helping our customers achieve success.

#2: Do Whatever It Takes

At TAG Solutions, we believe that effort, persistence, and tenacity matter. We will never “lose” for lack of hard work. We are committed to going the extra mile in all things we do, from managed services to UC. We all have a “Do-Whatever-It-Takes” attitude. Personal sacrifice for the greater good of the mission is rewarding and provides us with a sense of fulfillment. We are not afraid of work; we crave it.

#3: Above All Else, Respond To Customers

At TAG Solutions, we recognize that customers cannot wait for our help. We must be available when customers ask for our assistance. We believe that providing lightning-fast service is mandatory. We recognize that information technology can be complex, confusing, and frustrating, and therefore we have an exceptional responsibility to communicate with our customers regularly and effectively.

#4: Be the Best

At TAG Solutions, we pride ourselves on being constant professionals. We show up to work on time and ready to conquer the day. We are confident when interacting with customers, and they know we are the experts. We take extreme ownership of issues and problems. We are organized, never sloppy or unprepared. We are accountable, we finish what we start, and we do what we say we will do.

#5: Think Positive, Be Positive

At TAG Solutions, we believe that a positive mindset is powerful, influential and contagious. We view problems and failures as opportunities to get better. We support each other, especially when the work is tough and challenging. We celebrate wins, success and achievements. We believe our work is challenging and FUN. We are grateful. We are enthusiastic. We are engaged.