The manufacturing industry has faced a bit of an uphill climb in the past few years. Lately, the trend has been to outsource the bulk of the work to developing countries that provide lower costs and less overhead than the United States. Those initial hurdles, coupled with a higher equipment cost and a reduced talent pool in the US, have made it difficult to do business. TAG Solutions has been working with manufacturers in the United States to help them streamline their network and communication systems, so that they can keep their factories and plants running and their businesses able to communicate with the world.

In an effort to remain competitive and cut costs, many manufacturers must staff second and third shifts. Any amount of network or technological downtime is unacceptable, but during these later shifts, it may be more of a detriment than usual because support may not be readily available, and this may impact a plant’s output and ability to make money. TAG Solutions strategists work with these manufacturing companies to provide a clear idea of upfront and ongoing costs and to develop roadmaps of what is to be expected in terms of service.

Many manufacturing companies find themselves vulnerable to cybersecurity threats; our vCIOs work alongside our clients in this sector to ensure that comprehensive security plans are in place to keep data safe and secure, in addition to working to align new technology with our clients’ business goals.

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