The insurance industry has a number of strict regulations, and for good reason. Extreme diligence is required not only in regard to the sort of information that companies are putting out into the world, but in terms of keeping a large amount of private data secure.

For insurance companies to be successful, they need to meet with their clients regularly in order to conduct annual policy reviews and renewals. Additionally, insurance agents are typically tasked with handling a certain number of new prospects and marketing initiatives in order to keep business and income flowing to their respective agencies. Downtime is literally not an option for insurance agents.

Due to the sensitive nature of the industry and the information it handles, all insurance companies must ensure that they are in compliance with state and federal regulations regarding cyber security. TAG Solutions has worked with a number of insurance providers of all sizes and capabilities to ensure that their networks are safe, their systems are running without issue, and that they can communicate effectively – internally and externally – with current and prospective clients.

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