Searching for “IT services near me”? It can be very stressful to find a provider that is knowledgeable and can serve your needs. As more and more commerce, communication, and business become dependent on the digital world, managed IT services in Albany are increasingly critical. 

Below, we’ll explain some criteria you should use to evaluate IT services. We’ll also examine how some of these factors are particular to New York’s Capital District.

Experienced, Diverse Staff

By hiring an IT company, you know it’s best to have a team on your side, but you still need to evaluate the members of that team. Your IT service provider should have staff with a wide range of specialties. You need expertise in cybersecurity, data storage, backups, and beyond.

A local company might also be able to assist you with VCIO services. A VCIO, or virtual chief information officer, stays up-to-date with the newest and most promising innovations relevant to your business. A vCIO helps to align IT strategy with business strategy. Sometimes, only locals understand what works well in your region. We recommend staying local if you could benefit from expert advice in this area.

In Albany, look for a company that employs graduates of top-notch local colleges like the University of Albany, Union, and RPI, but also those with degrees from further away. These employees could have an array of majors, including computer science, engineering, security, and business administration.

Proactive and Prompt Service

For many companies, a glitch in the system can mean an immense loss of business. Your IT service provider should be able to respond as soon as anything goes wrong. When you hire a local company, you’re in the same time zone and work the same hours. If something happens to your equipment, they can be at your office promptly to address it.

In addition, whoever you choose for IT services in Albany can assist you with proactive measures to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Things like patching and updating virus protection are critical to keep cyber criminals out of your environment. They can even offer periodic training to keep your staff sharp.

Relationships and Reputation

Your IT staff can become a critical part of your work family. Establishing tight relationships with someone who isn’t nearby is challenging. Talk to your colleagues and friends in the business world in Albany. Try to connect with businesses with similar needs and a size close to yours, and find out about their IT needs and providers.


Cyber attacks are no longer random security breaches. They happen all the time, sometimes going on for months without your knowledge. Several types of cyber threats impact all businesses today, including advanced persistent threats, malware, phishing, ransomware, and more. 

In addition, some threats are unique to the Capital District, especially for organizations that work with the state government, the many hospitals in our Albany Capital Region area, or the computer chip fab plants in Malta. For IT services in Albany, NY, look for providers who have delivered the level of service you need to other area businesses. 

Scalable and Customized

A big or small business in Los Angeles or Houston is different from a big or small business in Albany, and only a local IT service provider understands that. Being local will also help them understand your business’s unique needs and customize their services according to those needs.

Your growth as a company is somewhat contingent on local conditions. When the Capital District grows and thrives, so does your business. When it doesn’t, it might be time to scale back. Hiring a local firm makes those issues much easier to convey. Look for IT services Albany which work with many other local clients. 

How To Find the Best Albany, NY IT Services

The best place to start is by talking to your colleagues about who they use locally for their IT needs. TAG Solutions works extensively with businesses in the Albany, NY, area. Contact us to find out if our services meet your needs.