Most of us are familiar with what a typical Managed Service Provider (MSP) does: they come into your business, help you get your IT up to date, and then manage it remotely. They can help you with a variety of IT solutions, including updated hardware and software, network patching, malware protection, even communications tools. It can be hard to differentiate one MSP from the next as it seems they all offer roughly the same thing. But there is a new approach that some companies (TAG Solutions included) are taking to stand out from the pack: they’re not just an MSP, they’re a Technology Success Provider (TSP).

An MSP is designed to manage the most common and basic tasks that a company’s IT department would handle. They take service calls, help out with hardware malfunctions or software issues, and ensure that the day-to-day IT needs are being met. But as businesses are evolving, we’re seeing that this isn’t meeting the customer where they are. Being a TSP means bringing more value to the table, and creating relationships with customers, instead of just selling them IT services.

One of the biggest advantages to working with a TSP is strategy. A TSP typically has both a Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) and a Technology Alignment Manager (TAM). With these two roles, the TSP is able to provide an in-depth assessment of your company’s technology needs, where you are currently, and what you need to do to align with best practices. This role is typically performed by the TAM, who then gives their recommendations to the vCIO.

The benefit of having a vCIO is that they get a seat at the table, right where the decision making happens, and based on the recommendations they received, they will help you craft a unique plan to bring your current IT infrastructure up to par. Additionally, they will work with you on your business goals to ensure that your long-term IT plan is scalable and will work with you and your business years down the line.

Within these two roles and within the TSP model, you will also see a stronger focus on processes and procedures. This can range from how to determine when your hardware is nearing end of life, when your software should be updated, even how to onboard new employees and securely backup data if one of your employees leaves. It allows you to know that your IT is in good hands and is being managed by a team of experts who are familiar with your specific business and needs. Every aspect of a TSP is managed by someone who is an expert in that specific area, so there isn’t any overlap or risk of someone being burned out by managing too much.

If all of this sounds like something your business needs, then reach out right now and contact the experts at TAG Solutions to see how we can help your business succeed. When it comes to business, IT is not an area where you want to settle.