One of the biggest shifts we’ve seen in recent years is from having one centralized office where your entire team works, to having team members in different locations or working remotely. With that shift has come the need for collaboration tools that allow ease of communication among team members and groups throughout your organization and regardless of where they are located. Collaboration tools have been shown to improve efficiency by 20%, which makes sense when you examine everything these tools have to offer.

Collaboration tools include applications like Microsoft Teams, cloud-based storage and file sharing, and video and messaging applications like those we’ve covered in previous posts. There are numerous benefits to using these collaborative tools in your business:

Reduced Response Time

Instead of working on a project, emailing it to your team, waiting for feedback, making edits, and then sending it out again, you can do all of that in one conversation. Projects can be uploaded to the cloud, and then your team can meet using a video or messaging application to discuss the project and all of the feedback can be gathered and implemented in that one conversation. This allows work to be faster and teams to feel more productive.

Keep Track Of All Projects And Changes

With cloud-based storage and online collaborative tools such as Office 365, you can monitor any and all changes made to a document, as well as who made those changes, all in real time. You can also restrict access to a document so that some people are able to view it without editing privileges, which means that you have complete control over the entire project process without any unexpected changes.


With cloud-based storage, your team can store and access all of their files in one place and ensure that these files are stored securely without taking up space on anyone’s computer. This also allows your business to find older files, or to allow new employees to see what projects have been completed in the past and gives them a way to jump right into their work. Additionally, the security of cloud-based storage ensures that even if your network is compromised, your documents and work will be safe on the cloud.

The benefits of collaboration tools and cloud-based storage are vast, and they can help your employees become more productive and engaged, which leads to benefits for you and your customers. TAG Solutions offers a variety of options when it comes to collaboration tools and cloud-based storage, so reach out today and allow us to help find the right solutions for your business.