Choosing the best managed service provider near you is no easy task, and it is of monumental importance. Who you choose as your managed service provider can help your business run more efficiently and avoid risks. 

A managed service provider performs a range of critical functions and tasks from off-site. These may include network services, application services, cybersecurity, infrastructure maintenance, and much more.

Below, learn about various criteria you should consider as you research managed IT near me in your Google search.

Methodology, Experience, and More

A company’s knowledge and experience should be the first factor when selecting a managed service provider (MSP). 

When it comes to experience, ensure that your MSP has worked with other businesses similar to yours. They should have a diverse range of clients, including some similar in size, scope, geographic location, and type of business to your own.

Have a conversation about methodology, and make sure any MSP you hire takes a proactive and holistic approach. They should consider the human aspects of your business when setting goals and establishing processes.

Finally, talk to potential MSPs about how they stay on top of industry best practices. If they’re competent, they should be able to provide you with a robust answer.

Customer Service and Services

Another critical consideration is whether an MSP can provide all the necessary services. You should also find out whether the provider handles all services internally or outsources some of them to other companies.

Find out how accessible an MSP is and how they will work to integrate your processes and bring them online seamlessly. How will they handle problems when they arise, especially if it’s challenging to deal with remotely?

A reputable MSP should offer you a reliable service level agreement (SLA) to you. This type of contract spells out reasonable levels of service from the MSP to you. It encompasses not only the MSP’s responsibilities but quality, scope, delivery time, and more. It helps both entities manage expectations and protects everyone. 

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Scalability and Customization

You need to ensure that your managed service provider can handle your business now, as well as in the future. Whether you plan to scale up or down in the coming years, you need to ensure that your MSP can handle change and will regard your company as valuable. Many companies use Managed Service Providers to augment current IT staff when on vacation or simply for work that cannot be performed by employed staff.

In addition, the same services do not work for everyone. You may not need the same level of cybersecurity as other businesses, but you could need more help managing servers. The bottom line is that every company and its needs are different. The best managed service providers near you should help you get where you want to go.

Managed Service Providers, Albany, NY

If you’re looking for a managed service provider in Albany, NY, consider TAG Solutions. Working with a local business has several crucial advantages. 

Locals know the population in your area. While that may not seem important, it can help your staff work more efficiently with your MSP. It may also help create a more intuitive and familiar experience for customers, especially if you do any business online.

Local companies are intimately familiar with laws and regulations and can help ensure compliance at all levels. They can also recognize and help you protect against threats specific to your region. 

For example, in Albany, schools head back to class after Labor Day, which is unlike most of the rest of the country. A local MSP would anticipate a later back-to-school rush for online retail and in-store credit card purchases and provide the support a local store needed to handle increased traffic. 

Also in Albany, an MSP would know that many local firms have contracts with the New York State government. A local MSP can appreciate the strict data and privacy standards firms contracted to work with the state have, and can help those companies implement all necessary precautions.

Have questions about finding an Managed service provider near Albany? Give TAG Solutions a call today! We are happy to assist you in any way we can.