There is a wonderful lesson presented in “The Ant and the Grasshopper”, an Aesop Fable about an Ant who spends time during warm weather collecting food to consume during the winter months and a Grasshopper who decides to dismiss winter preparation because he has “got plenty of food at the present”. Winter arrives and the Ant enjoys regular meals from the food storage while the Grasshopper has no food and perishes from hunger.

The lesson is this: “It is best to prepare for the days of necessity.”

As information technology experts, we notice three distinct trends when working with business owners and executives:

Trend one: Computers and data networks are incredibly complex environments with many moving parts. Consequently, there are many opportunities for things to break, malfunction or fail. Software corruption, computer virus infections, and hardware failures are routine events that lead to paralyzing outages and service disruptions. Yet, employees EXPECT for these technologies to function so that they can complete their daily tasks and contribute to company performance goals.

Trend two: Computer and data network outages tend to be expensive to fix. These costs are very unpredictable and very immediate. If your office computer network is down – you must do what is necessary to fix it – and that means spending money on new hardware, software or technical support services.

Trend three: Most business executives ALLOW computer and network failures to happen. Many of the emergency outages TAG Solutions responds to could have easily been prevented.

We encourage you to be more like an Ant and stop reacting to computer outages. Instead, proactively prevent them from occurring in the first place. We are committed to finding problems in your data network and fixing those problems before they create devastating circumstances. And we will do this for FREE.

Why free? What is the catch? No catch and absolutely no obligation. We simply feel that when we prevent a complete disaster with our complimentary Network Health Check service that you will be very happy and perhaps remember to call us the next time you need friendly technology support. What is a Network Health Check? Great question! Please read more about the complimentary service here.

Right now your computers are running great and like the Grasshopper, you have everything you need for today. But there are most certainly hidden time bombs waiting to explode, many of which can be identified and fixed. Please – do not perish like the Grasshopper. Prepare like the Ants. Fix your computer and network problems now, for free.