You might notice that our site looks a little different today…that’s because for the past 7 months, we have been working to rebrand TAG Solutions and today we’re proud to introduce our new look and new branding. TAG Solutions has been in business for almost 30 years, and we knew that the brand needed to evolve, just as the business landscape has evolved for so many companies. But the changes at TAG Solutions are more than just a new logo and a new website. We’ve changed the way we do business at our core.

The decision to rebrand and launch our new TAG Solutions came after we realized that we needed to restructure the way we delivered our services in order to provide a better customer experience and predictable results. We wanted to increase the value that we provided to customers by becoming a partner to their business and gaining insight into the important and complex technology issues and solutions that matter to their specific business needs. When COVID-19 hit and we (along with most businesses in the country) were working from home, we had a unique opportunity to develop new processes and work on implementing them into every aspect of our business.

One of the key changes we’ve made is the adoption of our 5 Delivery Areas. These areas define the role that everyone plays in the company, and it allows each and every employee to become an expert in their role. Instead of having someone performing multiple job duties, everyone has one job and that’s what they focus on. Whether it’s providing customer support, performing network assessments, or working with customers on strategic planning, we all have a designated role within the company which provides a much higher level of service and value for all of our customers.

Additionally, these 5 Delivery Areas enable us to provide a more proactive approach to IT and an overall increased value for our customers. We now have a standards library with over 500 individual standards, which we use every single time we evaluate a customer’s network. We work to ensure that their network meets our best practices, and if there are any issues, we work with the customer to fix them and keep their network secure and running. This allows us to eliminate downtime for the customer and gain a better understanding of their business needs. We also employ a Virtual Chief Information Officer, or vCIO. Our vCIO’s become trusted strategic partners to our customers. Because they know our clients, the short and long terms business goals they will map creates a plan that ensures IT supports those goals.

When you work with TAG Solutions, you’re getting more than a managed services provider. You’re working with a technology success provider. We can only succeed if our customers succeed, and that mindset is infused in everything we do. At the end of the day, we’ve changed the way we do business, and we’re excited to provide our customers with an even better experience going forward. Like our tagline says, “We make IT work. We make IT easy. No excuses.”

If you want to see how TAG Solutions can improve your technology and network, reach out today and schedule time to talk to one of our representatives. Don’t settle for second best…give us a chance to show you what TAG Solutions, a true technology success provider, can do for you.