A VCIO, or virtual chief information officer, performs many of the same duties as a live, in-house CIO. However, it can save your organization the costs of finding, hiring, onboarding, and supporting an additional executive.

Below, read about how a VCIO in Albany can help Upstate New York and Capital District companies. A VCIO can be a tremendous asset, and working with one who understands your local market is even more effective.

What Is a VCIO and What Do They Do?

As stated above, a VCIO is a virtual chief information officer. Essentially, employing a VCIO allows you to outsource the duties of a CIO to an individual with the required expertise. While your company doesn’t directly employ them, they can help your organization recognize and take advantage of technological or informational opportunities. 

What does a VCIO do, exactly? They help businesses grow by leveraging the most effective technologies. They manage an organization’s technological assets and stay on top of innovations relevant to the field. It’s their job to ensure your company is always using the most efficient processes regarding computing, the internet, and technology. Finally, a VCIO should help align IT strategy with organizational strategy.

Potential Benefits and Drawbacks to Hiring a VCIO

There are several benefits and a couple of drawbacks to hiring a VCIO. The most significant use is gaining access to their expertise and insight into your organization’s needs and opportunities. 

Hiring a VCIO instead of a CIO can save a company thousands of dollars a year in salary and a benefits package, not to mention the cost of hiring and onboarding a new executive. However, therein lies the biggest drawback: your VCIO most likely won’t have exactly the same connection to your organization as you and your full-time staff.

Still, VCIO services are designed and streamlined to fulfill and exceed a business’s expectations for its CIO. This is especially true when working with experienced, competent professionals like those at TAG Solutions. 

Why Finding a VCIO Near Me is Important

Sometimes, working with a local business can make a huge difference. Whenever it comes to marketing, that’s undoubtedly true, and there are important ways that the duties of a VCIO intersect with marketing.

In part for that reason, you want to employ VCIO services that understand your needs and preferences and those of your customers. Regional cultures and differences can make a critical difference. If you cater to a mainly Upstate New York clientele, it makes sense to hire a VCIO who understands how you and your customers think.

Moreover, a local VCIO may learn about or suggest opportunities unique to your region. That kind of localized service and knowledge is something you could only otherwise get with a full-time, in-person CIO.

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Finding the Best VCIO in Upstate New York

Often, the best place to start when it comes to finding an excellent VCIO provider is with your IT servicer or Albany managed service provider. If you hire an outside organization to handle your IT needs, the chances are strong that they may also provide some VCIO consulting services. Consider working with them, especially if they’re local since they already have some understanding of your organization’s industry and goals.

If your company is headquartered in Upstate New York, you want VCIO services that understand the Capital District. You may even want to consider switching to a local IT service provider. That way, they can provide on-site service, maintenance, and training. 

TAG Solutions is the premier IT company in Upstate New York. We also offer robust, effective virtual chief executive officer services. We take the time to get to know our clients to help them grow and compete in their fields. Find out how we can help you by getting in touch with us today!