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In today’s remote and hybrid working world, collaboration is an ever-growing challenge, especially in the education, healthcare and finance industries. As the number of emails, conferences, messages and documents rises, it’s a constant struggle to keep tabs on all the different forms and streams of communication, especially as you move from desktop to mobile communications.

Why must modern collaboration be so complex? It doesn’t have to be. TAG Solutions, a business VoIP provider, utilizes Mitel’s MiCloud Connect to put all of your communications and collaboration tools in one place. This means you can transition from one channel or device to another – and never lose a word in the process. Here are 10 ways MiCloud Connect simplifies collaboration – and makes your job easier.


1. Never Lose Your Place With One Stop for Communication

How much time do you waste by losing the thread of your conversations? MiCloud Connect makes all your communications available from a single hub on your desktop. It’s always there, but never in the way. Keep an eye on every call and message and never lose sight of important details.


2. Work From Anywhere, Together, With Unified Communications

Gone are the days when teams worked in close proximity and shared a simple project document. On paper, no less. Nowadays, though, team members can be anywhere – at home, on the road, in another country. Virtual teams need virtual rooms to get things done. With Mitel, everyone on the team can chat, share tasks and collaborate on documents all within a single workspace.


3. Take the Conversation Smoothly From Text to Voice With Ad Hoc Meetings

Big deal on the table? Need fast thinking and even faster decision making? MiCloud Connect helps you connect with the one person who has the information you need to close the deal – at the precise moment you need their help. With one click, start a meeting and complete follow-through by assigning tasks.


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4. Respond to Important Messages Faster With Visual Voicemail

Nothing ushers in a greater sense of urgency – and stress – than checking your voicemail after a long morning of meetings. Mitel has this covered. With visual voicemail, messages are transcribed and sent to email so you can scan and prioritize whom to call back first.


5. Get to the Right Person at the Right Time

The flexibility to work anywhere is a benefit – except when an answer is needed fast. With presence, employees make their whereabouts known to everyone in the organization. So, when a customer, student, or patient calls asking a question only a subject matter expert can answer, everyone knows where and how to reach them.


6. Stay on Track by Setting Agendas up Front

One of the top causes of unproductive meetings is the failure to set an agenda. When you create a meeting invite in MiCloud Connect, you have the option to create a timed agenda. Attendees know upfront what will be discussed and how much time will be spent on each item. Your meetings stay on track and are more productive.


7. You Don’t Need To Be Stuck to an Office Phone To Be Productive

Working outside the office is often frustrating because employees don’t have access to the tools they have in the office. MiCloud Connect transforms this experience. With its mobile apps, employees take the office everywhere and get the same experience on the road as they do at their desks. Whether in the office or on the road, they can join a meeting with a single click, without the need to enter those cumbersome participant codes. It’s that easy.


8. Live in Your CRM …

Which does your sales team love more? Their phone or their CRM? Please, don’t make them choose! When you integrate your Mitel IP phone with your CRM application, salespeople never have to switch between the two. They stay in the CRM to make and receive phone calls. Plus, it saves them from the dreaded task of data entry. Just by answering their phone, items are automatically added to their to-do lists.


9. Enjoy Business Phone System Integrations

Sales teams shouldn’t be the only ones who have all the fun. Mitel also integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and G Suite, easing adoption of your new business phone system throughout the organization.


10. Do More, Spend Less With Unified Communications

Here’s one last thing you might not know (and it may be the best part): you can have seamless and reliable unified communication and collaboration tool without breaking the bank. TAG Solutions’ plans and pricing are flexible and designed to adjust to your business needs.


TAG Solutions Is the Business VoIP Provider You Need

TAG Solutions is a customer-obsessed company that prides itself on not only working with our customers to find solutions for their current needs but also working with them on strategic planning for the future. We only promote what we truly believe in, and we believe MiCloud Connect can transform the way you do business. Reach out to our team today to gather more information on how we can implement the best business phone system for you.