Organizations know that data is their lifeblood and protecting it is key. Starting with backups and archives and also cloud based protection all the way to IT resilience, it can be overwhelming with the number of technology choices you need to implement. Veeam has a comprehensive single solution that can solve all of these challenges. Protect your virtual infrastructure with local backups but also obtain the 3-2-1 best practice with air gapped offsite cloud backup. Protect your Office 365 data including email, file shares, and Sharepoint. And finally implement a robust IT resilient system that can protect against malicious ransomware, hardware failures, software errors, or even human mistakes. See how TAG Solutions teamed up with iland can present a comprehensive plan for:

  • Local backups
  • Offsite air-gapped cloud backups with insider protection
  • SaaS protection for Office 365 including email, Sharepoint, and OneDrive
  • Fully automated and orchestrated cloud based disaster recovery
  • IT resilience with cloud based DR including full and partial failover, testing,reporting, automation and orchestration

And learn how TAG Solutions can help you understand what needs you have and how the Veeam solution can help you achieve your regulatory, archive and risk mitigation goals.

Watch The Webinar Here