Not Masters of the Universe, Just of Installing New Phones.

Unified Communications - How We Do It pageReplacing a telephone system is a serious endeavor and cannot be trusted to just anyone. The advanced communications systems of today interact with all aspects of your data network, including email, Active Directory, Networking, and your Virtualization environments. If a new piece of technology is introduced into a complex environment such as this, it must be done carefully and effectively.

In many instances, carrier services that provide dial tone will be modified in some fashion – typically to take advantage of cost reduction opportunities. If this transition is not managed meritoriously, then you may experience service outages and disruptions.

Just because you decide to install a new telephone system, doesn’t necessarily mean you also wish to replace peripheral technologies like IVR systems, call recording systems, door access systems and overhead paging systems. If a phone system is installed in a vacuum without consideration for adjacent technologies – the result can be messy – a working phone system but a broken paging system, a broken door access system, etc..

Most importantly – we’ve learned that the telephone is a very emotional and sensitive piece of technology for most end users. The telephones we use at work have hundreds, if not thousands of advanced features, such as conferencing and voicemail that do not exist with traditional telephone sets that hang from the kitchen wall of your home.  End Users initially become anxious about using a new telephone at work… they fear that they will hit the wrong button, transfer a call to the wrong person or even accidently disconnect a caller. Once they master there business telephone set, they become emotionally attached to the device, and in many cases will struggle to complete simple work activities without it. The thought of learning how to use a similar, but different telephone can be worrisome for many end users.

We want to make you a hero. We want your new phone system to work flawlessly within your network environment, integrate correctly with peripherals and have end users raving about their experience – and – we guarantee this is exactly what we will do.  Yes, an extraordinary claim like that merits an extraordinary explanation and empirical evidence of proof. For this reason, we invite you to read the following content, designed to illustrate our approach to installing and supporting your new phone system, titled, “How We Do It”:

From the Beginning…

Let us be clear, we are in no rush to bombard you with a dozen sales quotes or self-promoting “presentations”.  The very first step in our path to installing a new phone system is to listen. We are interested to learn all about you, your business, your challenges, and aspirations. We promise to listen and take lots of notes during our first meeting. Most of customers find this refreshing, others even seem perplexed. It can seem odd at first, but the reality is this – if we do not discover a problem, need or challenge that we are 100% confident we can help conquer with you – then you will never receive a quote or proposal from us. We will thank you for the conversation and remain friends. However, if at the end of our conversation we both agree that there is compelling reason to move our partnership to the next step, we will do so immediately. It is nearly impossible to provide a meaningful proposal to you based on our initial conversation alone. We know that we need to roll up our sleeves and take a good comprehensive look “under the hood”. At no charge, we will schedule one our finest unified communications engineers to conduct a site survey and network assessment. This exercise provides all the technical details, all the bits and bytes that we will need to know about your telecommunications and network environment before we even think about installing a new phone system. Once we have a crystal clear picture of your communication requirements we will quickly provide a proposal. We assure you that our services will be clearly defined and competitively priced. Most importantly, you’ll quickly notice that our proposal includes only one way to purchase our services – No Risk, No Anxiety. Our services can be canceled at any time, for any reason, without penalty and a 100% refund, guaranteed.  Yes, it’s risky and bold but it drives us to be excellent. We are never protected by legal jargon; we need to work for our customer’s business every day, every service call, no exceptions. Everything is included, for one flat fee, period.  At this point, many clients would think “What do I have to lose?” Sure, we’ve done our best to qualify our partnership and remove most of the financial risk but installing a new phone system can still be a restless decision. What if something goes with the installation? Things can go wrong, and the only way to successfully implement a new phone system is by adhering to a Project Management process that we’ve created and mastered.

Measure Twice, Cut Once….

The old adage used by carpenters and craftsmen certainly applies to planning the installation of a new telephone system. So many black swan, catastrophic outcomes can be completely eliminated if you take the time to strategize and develop an iron clad project plan. We promise to do all the legwork and not make planning activities a burden for you, and trust us – before we even think about installing a single piece of hardware you will have  complete faith that all the moving parts of this installation have been considered and addressed. Just a few of the planning activities we execute for every new installation are:

Teach them, and they will use it…

Imagine the anxiety of answering your brand new telephone and the caller on the other end is prospect who the sales manager has been trying to speak to for weeks. They ask to be transferred to the sales manager, a simple task that you’ve successfully performed a thousand times, but then you realize that you have not yet tried to transfer a call using your new phone yet! Panic and fear race through your nerves. What happens if you transfer the caller to the wrong person? What happens if you accidently hang up the call? Take a deep breath and relax. We will never put you in such a compromising position. We firmly believe that if you expect end users to adopt and use technology, then it is our duty to teach. That is why we insist on providing classroom instructor lead training sessions where we will teach employees to use the new phone system, including all bells and whistles, before the system is ever put into production.  Furthermore, we will show anyone how to perform routine administrative tasks such as recording new auto attendant greetings or changing basic call routing parameters. We provide these training services as part of your phone system installation at no additional charge!

Cutovers are the easy part…

Because all of the work is already done. The cutover from the old phone system to the new phone system is as easy and quick and flipping on a light switch. By the time we are ready to go live with the new phone system we’ve already (1) installed the new system (2) configured it to work according to your specifications (3) trained everyone how to use it and (4) already deployed the phones out to everyone’s desk. The last step is to simply turn off the old phone system!

How do we do that again?

Even though we spend a significant amount of time training employees how to use their new telephone and voicemail we have learned from experience that the first time they have actually use the new phone, they may forget a thing or two that was discussed during the training classes. No problem. We have a small army of trainers and technicians onsite, walking the floor and fielding questions about the new phones during the very first day of use. We creatively call this “First Day of Service”. We really, really want people to fall in love with their new phone, so we spend the extra time to make sure that any last minute questions get answered before we consider the installation complete.

And the support continues…

After the installation of your new phone system is complete, we will transition you to our service delivery team  that consists of a staff of eager and friendly technicians who are available 24/7 to assist with any phone related problems, issues or questions. Our service agreements have documented Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with a 100% money back guarantee. You will also never have to spend money to upgrade your phone system again! We include them for the life of your system for free!

Hopefully you understand our approach to installing and servicing your new telephone system. Please, do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions and inquires.  Also, please download a free copy of our executive report, “What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring A Fairly Priced, Competent, Responsive and Genuine Telephony Consultant.” Please, do not trust your company’s critical communications and operations to just anyone! This business advisory report will arm you with 25 revealing questions you should ask any telephony consultant prior to selecting them to install a new phone system.

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