A Genuine IT Partner Does More Than Monitor Your Servers.

Managed Services - How We Do It pageThe decision to trust a computer consultant with your IT support needs can be downright nerve-racking.  There are employees that absolutely depend on computers and applications to get their job done. Poor IT support can be devastating. We recognize the impact that our services have on our clients and are extremely confident that we will not only meet your IT support expectations… we will blow them away. Yes, an extraordinary claim like that merits an extraordinary explanation and empirical evidence of proof. For this reason, we invite you to read the following content, designed to illustrate our approach in being a genuine IT partner, titled, “How We Do It”:

From the Beginning…

Let us be clear, we are in no rush to bombard you with a dozen sales quotes or self-promoting “presentations”.  The very first step in our path to becoming a genuine IT partner is to listen. We are interested to learn all about you, your business, your challenges, and aspirations. We promise to listen and take lots of notes during our first few meetings. Most of our customers find this refreshing, others even seem perplexed. It can seem odd at first, but the reality is this – if we do not discover a problem, need or challenge that we are 100% confident we can help conquer with you – then you will never receive a quote or proposal from us. We will thank you for the conversation and remain friends. However, if at the end of our conversation we both agree that there is compelling reason to move our partnership to the next step, we will do so immediately. It is nearly impossible to provide a meaningful proposal to you based on our initial conversation alone. We know that we need to roll up our sleeves and take a good comprehensive look “under the hood”. At no charge, we will schedule one our finest network engineers to conduct a site survey and network assessment. This exercise provides all the technical details, all the bits and bytes that we will need to know about your network environment before we even think about supporting it. Once we have a crystal clear picture of your support requirements we will quickly provide a proposal to be your IT partner. We assure you that our services will be clearly defined and competitively priced. Most importantly, you’ll quickly notice that our proposal includes only one way to purchase our services – No Risk, No Anxiety. Our services can be canceled at any time, for any reason, without penalty and a 100% refund, guaranteed.  Yes, it’s risky and bold but it drives us to be excellent. We are never protected by legal jargon; we need to work for our customer’s business every day, every service call, no exceptions.  In addition, our services are provided for a predictable monthly fixed fee, guaranteed to not increase for the length of the agreement. You will no longer be surprised with random and expensive IT support call invoices. Everything is included, for one flat fee, period.  At this point, many clients would think “What do I have to lose?” Sure, we’ve done our best to qualify our partnership and remove most of the financial risk but switching IT providers or outsourcing the function from an internal team can still be a restless decision. What if something goes wrong in the transition? Things can go wrong, and the only way to successfully transition to TAG Solutions as IT support provider is by adhering to an Onboarding process that we’ve created and mastered.

Buckle up; it’s time to Onboard….

The first two weeks of our new relationship will be memorable, exciting and extremely productive. Not what you were expecting? Have you heard horror stories from your peers about their experience with switching IT providers or outsourcing the IT department? Fear not, we have an iron clad process to quickly onboard new clients into our tremendous service delivery in a transparent and painless fashion. We call it our “Onboarding Process”.  Our services are stock piled with various proactive and reactive work activities that span across many IT assets, employees, and offices. We need to get up and running immediately (because computer problems cannot wait to be fixed) and we need to do it in an organized and methodical way (because there is already enough chaos in the world!).  The process is intended to effectively communicate with stakeholders and end users during the transition while rapidly installing proactive monitoring technology, documenting network architecture and credentials and launching a friendly and responsive helpdesk. The process is well thought out, and managed by a dedicated Technical Business Analyst. If you’d like to learn more about the Onboarding Process, please download a copy of it right here.  Great, we are officially working together…. our “work” is more than most others would commit to. We believe that we must do three things incredibly well to be a genuine IT partner.

The Magic of Three…

Three is an important number. There are three dimensions (length, width and depth). Three elements of time (past, present and future).  Three prime colors (red, green and blue) and; Three pillars to our services (Monitoring, Support and Consulting). You simply cannot be an effective IT service provider without delivering all three of these extremely well.

At no extra charge, we provide you with enterprise IT asset monitoring tools. This powerful software is installed on your network and computer devices and proactively seeks out problems and potential problems. We also create powerful alerting and notification mechanisms that alarm our technical staff when something is either wrong or about to be wrong so that we can either prevent an outage all together, or react to it immediately.

Our helpdesk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. End users have several ways to engage our friendly group of technicians (phone, email, and a self serve online portal). Our technicians are certified subject matter experts and eager to tackle computer and network problems, to see a list of technical certifications, click here. We spend an awful lot of time and money completing technical training. It is very important that our network engineers understand legacy and new technologies, because at the end of the day… they are expected to fix them, it is our core business.  When placing a call into our helpdesk, you will be instantly connected with a technician, not a dispatcher, not a secretary – a technician, ready to fix something. We refer to this as “First Call Resolution”, the technical resources you are calling for is available now.  We tend to fix most problems from our Network Operating Center (NOC), but will absolutely hop in a car and come onsite if the repair warrants the trip. By the way, there is never an additional charge for an onsite repair. Lastly, we provide documented Service Level Agreements (SLAs). As always, if you are not satisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Providing proactive and reactive support services is critical, but disregarding the future is down right neglectful. The IT industry moves along at an incredible pace. If you do nothing but react to today’s support needs, you will likely find yourself in a compromising and expensive situation in the near future. IT strategy must have definition and if we wish for it to be effective, it must align with the organizations overall business plan. We have a responsibility to help demystify the confusing and complex characteristics of Information Technology so that business executives can eliminate surprises, manage budget, and position the organization for future conquests.  We provide you with a dedicated Technical Business Analyst (TBA) who you can think of as your personal CIO. The TBA will lead you through a series of consultative workshops designed to create an IT strategy or roadmap for the future. No topic is off limits, we tackle disaster and recovery planning, emerging technologies, asset management, IT security and risk, capacity planning and more.  To read more about these unique workshops click here.

Hopefully you understand our approach to becoming your genuine IT partner. Please, do not hesitate to contact us with additional questions and inquires.  Also, please download a free copy of our executive report, What Every Business Owner Must Know About Hiring A Fairly Priced, Competent, Responsive, and Genuine Computer Consultant. Please, do not trust your company’s critical data and operations to just anyone! This business advisory report will arm you with 24 revealing questions you should ask any computer consultant prior to granting them access to your company’s network.

Lastly, if you have decided to hire an employee for IT support, please allow us to submit our resume. You can download a recent version by clicking here . We would love to be a part of your team, and the best part is, we do not call in sick, take vacation, require benefits or make you pay employee taxes! Alternatively, we’d love to help you interview candidates. We know how hard it can be to judge someone’s technical capabilities without being technically inclined yourself. We’ve interviewed hundreds of IT professionals and know exactly how to identify the best! We’ll do it for free, just to make sure you end up with a qualified IT technician, to discuss this more click here for our contact info.