We are committed to providing over the top, mind blowing customer experiences. Every interaction with our clients is a precious opportunity to leave a lasting impression and we always “Do-Whatever-It- Takes” to create raving fans out of our clients. Want proof? Please read through some of the feedback we have received from actual customers! Need more proof? Contact Us today for additional references!”

“I want to thank you gentlemen and your desktop support team for the great job you are doing, and the excellent response times we are getting, even while “hellzapoppin” during this transition. I couldn’t ask for a better effort from TAG. And the difference between this and what I had before – night and day. Thanks, and keep up the great work.!” –  Bert Stinebaugh, CFO

“I just wanted to let you all know how wonderful it continues to be to be working with TAG Solutions. From the beginning this has been a very professional and personable relationship. We know that the startup of a new relationship can be challenging as we better understand each other. Throughout all of this we continue to feel that you are very focused on us and our success. This recent project to replace the XP machines in all of our sites certainly was an amazing success on such short notice. We greatly appreciate your attention to this and the fact that you managed your resources to be able to meet the timeline while continuing to meet your regular day-to-day customer obligations. Kudos to your entire team. In particular please thank Russ, Joel, Dan, Matt, and Josh for hitting the road for us.!” – Ross Muth, COO

“I was very satisfied with TAG Solutions’ efforts to communicate with our group during the course of the audit procedures. We have some unique requests and circumstances in the areas we wanted reviewed, as well as unique instances when delays occurred, and Sean was great in keeping us up to date and on track. Overall, I was very satisfied at how the audit was performed, and appreciated the way the results were communicated to us. I also felt we received great value for the money spent.” – Michael Alessandra, CPA, CIA, CPCU, AIAF, AVP, Internal Audit

“I wanted to take a minute to tell you how wonderful it is to have Dave in our lives.  He’s been invaluable especially during this sleep install and its been very challenging at times.  You can see the knowledge that he has but he is also responsive, follows through and in general is great to work with.  We wouldn’t be opening the sleep center on time on Monday without his assistance.  Thanks for giving him the time to do this right, we appreciate it.” – Karen Johnson, Operations & Billing Manager

“Thank you so much for your help. Jimmy was here this morning and he was so nice. It could not have gone any better.” – Kristin Bertrand , Human Resource Coordinator

“Thank you so much for your help the last two weeks moving this telephone system.  We appreciate all your hard work, and patience, and thank you once again for saving our bacon and making those cables last night.  It was truly appreciated.” – Paul Wos, Data Systems and Telecommunications Manager

“I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how impressed we are with Tag and specifically Seth. For the first time I feel we have a vendor that cares more about or needs than how they can make more money from us. Seth has been there for us on a number of crisis situations and gone way above and beyond. Last Friday I called Seth, after Tag had closed for Labor Day weekend, he drove to Glens Falls and spent half the night helping us recover from a disaster. Thank you for the excellent service…” – Mike Prince, Network Administrator

“I wanted to relay a MAJOR compliment Russ got from BJ this morning. She called just to tell me how much of a joy it is to work with him and that her computer is working better than it has in years. Great job! Keep it up!” – Kristen Fiato, Operations Assistant

“I wanted to thank you again for your help with Scott’s computer last week!  You’re the best!!!!” – Katheryne Rogers, Executive Assistant

“Joshua came into our office today to deliver and set up a new PC and laptop. While here a couple of other issues arose and Josh was more than willing to help out. We always greatly appreciate Josh’s help.” – Cheryl Unser, Office Manager

“Thank you so much for all your support while transitioning onto our new server and website. This could not have happened without you. Thank you!” – Cory Dinon, e-Business Marketing Manager

“You know that I like to acknowledge when a Tag employee goes above and beyond.  Well yet again, Seth did just that! He stayed up all night to ensure that a very important project that needed to be sent over night this morning got done! He is so amazing!  I can’t say it enough!” – Rachel Halliday Pino – CFO & Partner

“TAG’s technology team takes on any project by listening to our needs then thoroughly researches any and every aspect of the project. After we have agreed on a solution they assign technicians that have the correct skillset to see the project to closure. They took on an extremely challenging two month Exchange Migration and succeeded where others walked away!” – Bruce Perrin , IT Systems Manager

“If I was stuck on a deserted island with nothing but a misconfigured View security server and one phone call, that phone call would be to Tag. Tag’s support agents fully understand what it takes to get your deployment up and running in a timely fashion. Without them I would be lost in a sea of oversubscribed and underutilized resources.” – Sean Farrell, Network Operations Administrator

“Thanks for always being our ‘go to person’ that gets things done. Seriously, you keep proving day after day the value of having TAG as a partner.  Thanks again for taking care of things and always having our backs, you really are amazing.” – Toby Harris, Network Engineer

“I wanted to let you know that Seth has been very helpful with setting our mac system up!  He is very quick to get back to us and extremely patient!” – Susan Zongrone, Business Development

“Chris and I decided that you are genius !!!!! All of my programs seems to be working. Thank you so much for your time and patience with us.” – Sema Sahin, Controller

“I just want to tell you that Russ is one of your top IT techs. He is quick to respond and always thinks ahead. I also know that there are others out here that believe this to be true. I never have any additional issues after he completes my matter.” – Glenn Rettig, Project Manager

“Travis did a great job today – I really appreciate his presence onsite during our printer cutover. He was able to help me troubleshoot a few issues and get everyone who was in the office reconnected!” – Charlotte Senecal, Marketing Coordinator