How Did We Do?

Hands Holding FeedbackMore importantly, what can we change or do better? We love, love, love feedback from our beloved customers. Please do not be bashful! Give us the Good, Bad and Ugly.

What we do with the “Good” Feedback:

We use positive client feedback to reinforce the behaviors of our employees that create memorable customer experiences. We celebrate perceived “good work” with employee awards, company BBQs and everyday praise. We want our staff to be crystal clear on what it is we do or do not do that create “raving fans” amongst our clients.

What we do with the “Bad” Feedback:

We use negative client feedback as a fantastic and effective learning tool. Criticism remains anonymous; we do not share the source with our employees. We do however, discuss the feedback publicly and learn from mistakes. We also use this information to drive innovation efforts that will create processes, programs, and methodologies that our clients demand. A few examples of this are:

  1. First Call Resolution – Many of our customers wanted to call TAG and speak with a Technician directly rather than be routed through a non-technical dispatcher. We listened, and today all service calls are routed to available technicians and engineers who are ready to help!
  2. Closed Ticket Notification – Customers were often left wondering if a trouble ticket they had opened was ever resolved. Typically, the trouble had been fixed but TAG failed to properly notify the customer.  We listened and today all trouble tickets that are closed generate a Closed Ticket Notification that is emailed to the client complete with a description of what was done to resolve the original issue.

These are just a few of many examples. We hope you will help us improve by giving us feedback!

What we do with the “Ugly” Feedback

We are not sure what the delineation is between “Bad” and “Ugly” feedback… no worries , the classification does not change our intent to learn from our customers!


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